The Harmologic Bassist

Coming Forth Showing The Way

AL MacDowell born in Queens N.Y the legendary home of iconic American artists and musicians. Al MacDowell has spent most of his passionate music career dedicated  and devoted to expanding the limits of the  American jazz culture in the school of harmolodic music, under the paternal wings of it's unique culture creator, jazz saxaphonist,alto and tenor, violinist, trumpeter, composer master, Ornette Coleman. Playing his bass like a lead intsrument, has placed him in the generation of bassists, like Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius. From the tender age of 6 years, he studied classical piano throughout his youth and up and through his second year at Music and Art high school, where in his freshman year it became compulsory to adopt a second musical instrument, so he chose the double bass, which he played for two years in classical orchestral performances, until later, he switched to the electric bass and a jazz format. At this time, in a search for an electric bassist, Ornette Coleman visited Music and Art high school, and was referred to the emerging talent of Al MacDowell, who at just 15, was invited to join the illustrious legacy and evolution of artistry "(contributing to the beauty of the world and to mankind's environment and the understanding of life)" as Ornettes bassist, where he has had the unique opportunity of remaining longer than any other musician.Multitalented instrumentalist Piano Bass,Drums,Percussion also a Producer,Composer,Sound Engineer and teacher.So come forth with AL MacDowell Share the Way.


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